Moving Stories

In each city artist collective Schellekens & Peleman will show their interventionist artwork 'Inflatable Refugee', they will simultaneously start the correspondence project ‘Moving Stories’, which connects refugees with fellow citizens. Schellekens & Peleman collaborate for this project with refugees living in the city where the inflatable artwork is presented and invite them to write a letter to other (native) citizens. The letters will be printed on an edition of as many copies as there are different nationalities in that city. (for ex. In Antwerp 166 copies are made, as there are 166 different nationalities registered in Antwerp). Together with the writers, Schellekens & Peleman will post the letters in mailboxes of random addresses. With the letter comes a post card which the receiver of the letter can use to return an answer to the author of the letter.

Venice, Italy

Go to Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

12 refugees from OC Linkeroever in Antwerp wrote moving stories to their fellow citizens.

Go to Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala, Sweden

10 refugees from OC Uppsala in Sweden wrote moving stories to their fellow citizens.

Go to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

One brave Syrian refugee wrote a letter to her fellow citizens.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Melbourne, Australia



Moving Stories and Blue Zones

letters from refugees to fellow citizens & refugees
‘Blue Zones’ is the artistic transcript of the travels of each refugee that collaborates in ‘Moving Stories’.

'Blue Zones’ is the artistic transcript of the travels of each refugee that collaborates in ‘Moving Stories’. ‘Blue Zones’ is a scientific term for a place where people grow exceptionally old due to some beneficial circumstances such as safety, healthy food, social engagement and family life. Schellekens & Peleman created a route plan of each refugee’s original home address to his/hers new home in a GPS system. Additionally they made an inventory of each street they had to pass from their current address to the addresses where the letter they wrote for the Moving Stories project was posted. Both routes where then mixed and outlined as a graphic representation of the path they have followed. A maze of blue lines, crisscrossing the canvas, appears and forms literally a blue zone. Schellekens & Peleman then recorded the directions of both routes and the content of the letter in a sound program, giving sound to each piece of text.

Inflatable refugee & moving stories & Blue zones: timeline

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On the 22nd of November 2015 the Inflatable Refugee arrived in his first city ever, Venice, Italy.

First letter

The very first letter was written by a journalist from Iraq.


Iraq – Antwerp
The first print of the Blue Zones Series is the artistic transcription of the route from Bagdad to Antwerp (Belgium), via Turkey and Greece.


In May 2016 the correspondonce chain will reach the city of Uppsala, Sweden.

Letter writers

some examples of letter writers

Trailer of Inflatable Refugee

Get in touch with the letter writers by sending them an email

as subject please write the name of the author of the letter, you can send the mail in Dutch, English, Arab, French, German, Italian or Spanish.