1 February 2016

Blue Zones

‘Blue Zones’ is the artistic transcript of the travels of each refugee that collaborates in ‘Moving Stories’.

‘Blue Zones’ is a scientific term for a place where people grow exceptionally old due to some beneficial circumstances such as safety, healthy food, social engagement and family life.

Schellekens created a route plan of each refugee’s original home address to his/hers new home in a GPS system.

Additionally he made an inventory of each street they had to pass from their current address to the addresses where the letter they wrote for the Moving Stories project was posted.

Both routes where then mixed and outlined as a graphic representation of the path they have followed.

A maze of blue lines, crisscrossing the canvas, appears and forms literally a blue zone.

In the background the step-by-step directions of the route from the homeland to the new destination are displayed.

Schellekens then recorded the directions of both routes and the content of the letter in a sound program, giving sound to each piece of text.

The result is a multi-layered art work that tries to emphasise the different aspects of the tragic path most refugees need to follow to reach a new home where they hope to find a new place where they can grow old, find happiness, far away from the events that caused their flee.

More artwork of Schellekens & Peleman and of Schellekens can be found here.

Blue Zones series Bagdad Antwerp

From Syria to Belgium